ISC Meeting on 2015/12/14

14:00 - 15:00 on SeeVogh

Participants: Arai, Miyakawa, Kokeyama, Aso, Hirose, Michimura

  1. Requests for coating requirements from LMA (Aso)
    • SRM HR transmission: relax the tolerance to T=0.15+/-0.01
    • Inspiral Range:
      • T=14% 155.467Mpc
      • T=15.36% 153.901Mpc
      • T=16% 153.163Mpc
    • Not a big difference: the relaxed tolerance is acceptable.
    • Hirose already told LMA that the relaxed requirements are acceptable.
    • Need to update the Wiki
  2. Electronics Preparation Status (Michimura, Aso)
    • Cable (Michimura)
      • We have all the necessary cables
    • RF distribution (Komori, Michimura)
      • The panel should have been delivered to Kamioka -> Found it.

      • Need to arrange people to assemble the box -> Nakano-kun did it.

    • RFPD/QPD (Aso, Doi)
      • There are some problems with the mis-match between the regulator height and the screw holes on the box. -> Will fix the regulator with a plate. Use insulating plates.

    • Site installation work schedule
      • We will make a task list. Then assign tasks to people and arrange the schedule.
      • Michimura will make a task list.
      • When to install the LSC rack ? Need to coordinate with the duct installation schedule.
  3. Magnet Noise (Michimura)
    • What was the reason for chosing 2mm dia, 3mm long SmCo ?

    • Michimura will summarize the noise estimates with the above magnet size
  4. OMC (Somiya)
    • No update
  5. FFT Simulation (Hirose, H. Yamamoto)
    • No update
  6. Next meting 2016/1/12

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