ISC Meeting on 2016/1/12

14:00 - 15:00 on SeeVogh

Participants:Michimura, Yamamoto (H), Aso


  1. iKAGRA interferometer configuration change (Aso) Slides

  2. Requests for coating requirements from LMA
    • Quotation status (Hirose)
  3. Electronics Preparation Status (Michimura, Aso)
    • RFPD/QPD (Aso, Doi)
    • Site installation work schedule
      • We will make a task list. Then assign tasks to people and arrange the schedule.
      • Michimura will make a task list.
  4. Magnet Noise (Michimura)
  5. OMC (Somiya)
  6. FFT Simulation (Hirose, H. Yamamoto)
  7. Next meting 2016/1/25