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LCGT face to face meeting

Date: August 3(Wed)-5(Fri), 2011

Location and access: ICRR U-tokyo, Kashiwa campus, 6F large conference room


F2F meeting

he face-to-face meeting of LCGT Collaboration will be held at Kashiwa campus from the 3rd to the 5th of August, 2011. The objective of this meeting is to let all collaboration members know the current status of LCGT and is to exchange information among different sub-systems for coherently and efficiently conducting the project. We may have to discuss unsolved problems that have been studied by the special working groups and will make decisions if possible. On the first day, we will hear talks from persons and groups that hope to join the collaboration, and also decide upon their application. We shall also hear about status of the project and management issues. On the second day, there will be presentations on the astrophysical sources that LCGT hopes to investigate, including two guest talks. The report of the sub-working groups will be presented in the afternoon of the second day and the morning session of the third day. In the afternoon of the third day, we will have talks on R&D for advanced detectors.

I hope in this meeting that we have wide and deep discussions to find the best ways to fulfill the scientific objectives of LCGT.

Kazuaki Kuroda


If you will attend this LCGT f2f meeting, please visit below page and register by July 15.

Link to Registration page

We plan to have a banquet in the evening on August 3(Wed). If you attend the banquet please put 'yes' in the box for attending the banquet on the registration page and pay the fee JPY3500 by cash at the front desk of conference.

If you plan to stay at the lodge in Kashiwa-campus of ICRR, U-Tokyo, please put the dates you hope to stay in the box for accommodation request on the registration page. Note that we have limited number of rooms, so please register ASAP if you are thinking to stay at campus.

Partipants list


August 3 (Wed.)




LCGT progect (chair: K.Kuroda)

Lunch time 12:00~13:30


Proposal by new collaborators (chair: S.Kawamura)

Break 14:30~15:00


Project management (chair: I.Nakatani)



August 4 (Thu.)


Science (chair: N.Kanda)

Multi-messenger observation using LCGT

K. Hayama [30min]


Invited talk (chair: M.Ohashi)


Report from special working groups (chair: S.Kawamura)

Lunch time 12:00~13:30


Report from sub-groups 1 (chair: M.Ando)


August 5 (Fri.)


Report from sub-groups 2 (chair: M.Ando)

Lunch time 12:00~13:30


Advanced R&D (chair: K.Somiya)


Closing session

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