How to upload your presentation file on the program

  1. Following this instruction(sorry, in Japanese) and upload your presentation file to JGWDoc server.

  2. Please make it sure that you login on JGW wiki(if you have no account or you are not sure to have account, please contact Osamu Miyakawa, (miyakawa at, then press "Edit(Text mode)" link in upper left side of Program page, and edit your talk from

    || ||Title||Name [10+5 min]|| ||
    || ||Title||Name [10+5 min]||[[アップした時の文書の番号|JGW number]]||
    for exmample,
    || ||Digital system report||O.Miyakawa [20+5 min]||[[|G1100511]]||
    will show as

    Digital system report

    O.Miyakawa [20+5 min]


    then, your presentation file in the program page will be linked to JGDDoc server.
  3. If you have selected "upload" option in "Viewable" section in order to keep the file in private when you upload to JGWDoc, please put /private between /cgi-bin and /DocDB as;
    || ||Digital system report||O.Miyakawa [20+5 min]||[[|G1100511]]||
    then ID and password are required when anybody tries to access the file.

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