Scope of the meeting

The face-to-face meeting of KAGRA Collaboration will be held at the University of Tokyo (Hongo campus). The objective of this meeting is to share the information of the construction status of KAGRA and is to let all members be ready for cooperative work on KAGRA site toward the iKAGRA operation. The first priority of this meeting is the detailed discussion and understanding of the iKAGRA schedule. Second, we would like to discuss the preparation for bKAGRA. Related to these topics, we would like to discuss various issues such as the safety, shift works, e-log and publication & authorship policies. As a new style in this meeting, we expect to hear more reports from the young collaborators. Also, we keep the session of reports from overseas members. This meeting will present such opportunity for all KAGRA collaboration members to contribute for the success of KAGRA.


5th, February (10:00-18:30+Banquet)

[2/5 AM session, chair: Ando]

[2/5 PM session-1, chair: Uchiyama]

[2/5 PM session-2, chair: Somiya]

6th, February (9:30-18:00 + IBR meeting)

[2/6 AM session-1, chair: Kokeyama]

[2/6 AM session-2, chair: Kawamura]

[2/6 PM session-1, chair: Suzuki]

[2/6 PM session-1, chair: Hayama]

7th, February (9:40-15:30)

[2/7 AM session-1, chair: Tomaru]

[2/7 AM session-2, chair: Miyoki]

[2/7 PM session, chair: Somiya]

Hotel and Access

The venue is Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo, at the city-central area of Tokyo.

The meeting room is Kagaku-koudou, on the 5th floor of the Chemistry Building, Faculty of Science

Please reserve your hotel by yourself (We will NOT RESERVE hotel on behalf of you).

Followings are hotels nearby the Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo.

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