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[[#DASsatellite|Satellite Meeting on Data Analysis groups at ICRR, Kashiwa, Chiba (Apr 18)]] [[#DASsatellite|Satellite Meeting on Data Analysis groups at ICRR, Kashiwa, Chiba ]]
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 * Satellite meeting on Data Analysis will be held on '''April 18'''. Registration will be made separately. See [[http://gwwiki.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/JGWwiki/KAGRA/Subgroups/DAS/Meeting/SatelliteMeeting20181207|xxx]] for details.  * Satellite meeting on Data Analysis will be held on --(April 18)--.

The 22nd KAGRA face-to-face meeting

April 19 (Fri)- 21(Sun) 2019

at ICRR (Institute of Cosmic Ray Research, U Tokyo, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan)

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The meeting is coordinated by KAGRA Scientific Congress (KSC)

Program (Apr 19), (Apr 20), (Apr 21), (Poster), Registration, Venue, Access, Accommodation

Visa, Invitation Letter, Travel Support

Satellite Meeting on Data Analysis groups at ICRR, Kashiwa, Chiba

Outline of the meeting

  • The 22nd F2F meeting will be held at ICRR. We will discuss both our latest achievements and our managements.

    • If you have ideas and requests to the program, please mail them to the board, kscboard@icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp , by March 1.

    • Registration will be open in March.

  • Satellite meeting on Data Analysis will be held on April 18.

  • This is a closed meeting of the KAGRA collaboration.
    • If you are a member of the KAGRA collaboration and have recently moved to a new place: Contact the KSC board. You will be requested to make an introduction of your new laboratory at the meeting.
    • If you want to join the KAGRA collaboration: Contact the KSC board. You are supposed to make a presentation on your proposal at the meeting.


Almost final version.

April 18th (Thurs)

Satellite Meeting on Data Analysis(xxx)

April 19th (Fri)


Subject and Title






Session01a: Status (Chair: Simon Zeidler)

12 min

KAGRA overview

Takaaki Kajita (ICRR)


12 min

SEO Report

Yoshio Saito (ICRR)


12 min

Commissioning works

Osamu Miyakawa (ICRR)


12 min

KSC report

Hisaaki Shinkai (OIT)


April 20th (Sat)


Subject and Title



April 21st (Sun)


Subject and Title



Poster session

Kxx: KAGRA group, SDxx: Students (Data analysis & Theory), SExx: Students (Experiment), Cxx: Contributions. The asterisk (*) indicates a thesis presentation.






KSC Newsletter editors

KSC Newsletter, The third issue (2019/04)


Poster Award

Satellite Meeting on R&D (???)

Satellite Meeting on Data Analysis (April 18)


  • Registration is not yet open. Be patient.

Visa, Invitation Letter

  • If you don’t need visa, but you need only an invitation letter, please send an email to KSC board chair,
    • Hisaaki Shinkai, hisaaki.shinkai_at_oit.ac.jp
  • If you need visa to enter Japan, please fill the following document (Word,PDF), and send it to the following two addresses by February 10, 2019.

    • Prof. Hideyuki Tagoshi, tagoshi_at_icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp
    • Ms. Rie Kikuchi, rkikuchi_at_icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp
    • You can find the detailed procedure to apply VISA at the web site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan https://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html

    • Note that you can not apply for VISA only with the invitation letter. You have to submit special documents for VISA which are prepared by Japanese side.
    • Even if you ask ICRR for an invitation letter with an institute stamp, we can not provide it. We can provide an invitation letter without an institute stamp, and a working proof for one of professors.

Travel Support (oversea)

Travel Support (domestic)

  • Core-to-Core also can support domestic travel expenses for several researchers who belong to institutes/universities in Japan and who will attend F2F@NAOJ and give presentations. Graduate students and postdoc researchers have priorities for support.
  • If you are a student, please consult with your supervisor and ask him/her to contact Miyoki-san and Kikuchi-san
    • Dr. Shinji Miyoki, miyoki_at_icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp
    • Ms. Rie Kikuchi, rkikuchi_at_icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp
      • via e-mail (i.e. e-mail should be from your supervisor).
  • If you are a post-doctoral researcher or a faculty member, please contact Miyoki-san and Kikuchi-san directly via e-mail.

The venue

6th floor of Kashiwa Research Complex at Kashiwa Campus of the University of Tokyo Building No. 15 in this map https://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/content/400020147.pdf

Kashiwa Research Complex is in the same building of ICRR, and is located on the east side of ICRR.


For general access information can be found at

ICRR page: http://www.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/beta/access_e.html

From Kashiwanoha Campus station to ICRR (10 minutes by bus)

From Kashiwanoha Campus station of the Tsukuba express line, there is a shuttle bus operated by the university. The shuttle departs in front of Mitsui Garden Hotel (near Tully's Coffee). It is free for visitors. The departure time in the morning is

8:00, 8:10, 8:20, 8:30, 8:40, 8:50, (every 10 minutes until 10:40, and once an hour later).

Shuttle bus time table: http://www.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp/gsfs/shuttle-bus/2017shuttlebus_j.pdf

You can also take a bus operated by Tobu bus company. When you exit from the station gate, go to left, and it is the west side of the station. You can see a big shopping mall (LaLaPort Kashiwanoha) in front of the station. From the bus stop number 1 (in front of MacDonald), take a bus Number 03(to "Nagareyama Ootaka no Mori"), or 04(to "Edogawadai"), and get off at "Kokuritsu Gan Kenkyu Center" (National Cancer Research Center). Or from the same bus stop number 1, take a bus Number 10 (to "Edogawadai"), and get off at "Todai mae" (in front of University of Tokyo).

Time table of Tobu bus in Japanese: http://www.tobu-bus.com/pc/search/bs_tt.php?key=62398_11

National Cancer Research Center is located in front of the University of Tokyo. It is about 4 minutes walk to ICRR. Please see the map above.

From JR Kashiwa station to ICRR (30 minutes by bus)

From the bus stop Number 2 of West side of Kashiwa station, take a bus Number 01 or 44(to "Kokuritsu Gan Kenkyu Center"), and get off at the final stop, "Kokuritsu Gan Kenkyu Center" (National Cancer Research Center).

Departure time in the morning is

7:00, 7:08, 7:18, 7:25, 7:30, 7:42, 7:48, 7:54, 8:00, 8:10, 8:19, 8:30, 8:35, 8:42, 8:50, 9:00, 9:10, ...

Time table in Japanese: http://www.tobu-bus.com/pc/search/bs_tt.php?key=62001_21


We recommend to stay at one of the hotels at Kashiwanoha Campus station (Tsukuba Express line) or Kashiwa station (JR line).

Hotels around Kashiwanoha Campus station (Tsukuba express)

A Hotel at Nagareyama-Otakanomori station (Tsukuba express, one station from Kashiwanoha Campus station)

Hotels around Kashiwa station (JR)

Lunch Place

  • There are two cafeterias which are open on Friday. One cafeteria is open on Saturday. No cafeteria is open on Sunday.
  • There is a coop shop which is open on Friday, but closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  • A convenience store (Family Mart) is located within 5 minutes walk from the venue which is open 24 hours /365 days.
  • We recommend you to bring your lunch on Saturday. You should bring your lunch on Sunday.

Wireless Internet connection

  • Eduroam is available at the venue.
  • If you can not use eduroam, we provide guest accounts.

Other information

List of Registered Persons (as of xxx, xxx members)

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