LCGT Collaboration Meeting: Minute
2010-08-02(Mon) 14:00-17:00(JST)

 [ICRR, Univ. Tokyo]
 Takaaki Kajita, Kazuaki Kuroda, Ichiro Nakatani, Toshikazu Suzuki,
 Souichi Telada, Yusuke Sakakibara, Norikatsu Mio, Noriaki Ohmae,
 Yoshio Saito, Ryutaro Takahashi, Shinji Miyoki, Shigenori Moriwaki,
 [Hongo, Univ. Tokyo]
 Yoichi Aso, Kimio Tsubono,
 [ICRR Kamioka]
 Osamu Miyakawa,
 [Kyoto Univ.]
 Masaki Ando, Atsushi Nishizawa,
 [Osaka City Univ.]
 Nobuyuki Kanda,
 Warren Johnson, Junwei Cao, Uchiyama Takashi, Shuichi Sato,
 Akutsu Tomotada, Koji Arai, Seiji Kawamura, Hiroaki Yamamoto,
 Erina Nishida, Kentaro Somiya.

Decided Matters:
 * The structure of LCGT Organization Chart for conducting the LCGT
   project was approved.
 * A new task force, which will establish the 7-year LCGT development
   scenario, was approved to be created.

Action Items:
 * The plan for the initial LCGT presented by Miyakawa needs to be
   evaluated by the next meeting on Sep. 6th.
 * The management group will make the agenda for guideline of LCGT
   collaborators' membership and of paper authors.

- Status of LCGT (T.Kajita)
  LCGT Budget was partially approved although the budget does not
  contain excavation and cryogenic parts.
  Additional budget for excavating tunnels and cryogenics is being requested.
  The construction plan is shown in above file.
  The meeting will be held once a month.

- Design report (O.Miyakawa)
  The basic Interferometer configuration of initial LCGT
  (room temperature FPMI with less than 10W laser and RF readout)
  has been explained.

  Q."How about the high frequency vibration isolation?"
  A."Double pendulums will be used. Suspensions for the low frequency
   attenuation will be installed but not be used in Initial LCGT."
  Q."Is the configuration plan determined or under discussion?"
  A."It is a plan for discussion."
  C."Sensitivity curve is needed to approve the plan."
  C."The plan seems appropriate although the scheduling and detailed
   design should be considered again with budget constrains."
  C."Final decision for the plan will be done at collaboration meeting,
   not at executive group."

- LCGT Organization chart (K.Kuroda)
  * 'Data Analysis' has been added.
  * The members of each subgroup are currently empty and will be filled
    towards the next face-to-face meeting in September.

  Q."All collaboration members should appear in this table?"
  C."Technical Advisers should be external members of LCGT."
  C."One of the aims of this chart is to make a contact list of
   working groups with e-mail addresses."

- Proposal for creating new task force (I.Nakatani)
  * Definitions of initial LCGT (iLCGT) and baseline LCGT (bLCGT).
  * The task force will establish the bLCGT development scenario.

  Q."Does the Room-temperature iLCGT have no cryogenic part?"
  A."Cryogenic part will be construct in iLCGT as mentioned before."
  C."It is important to connect smoothly between bLCGT and beyond."
  C."The proposed task force should take into consideration the advanced LCGT
   beyond the bLCGT, but should concentrate on the 7-year roadmap for now.
   Of course update of the scenario will be done frequently."
  C."Detailed schedule is available on p.6 of a file:"

- Guideline of membership of LCGT (K.Kuroda)
  * Currently, the activity of LCGT collaborators is on a voluntary base.
    We want to clarify the membership.

  C."It is convenient for study if the membership is open to the students."
  C."Authors of paper is different from the collaborators. For example,
   LIGO has a document which explains who can belong to paper authors among
   the collaborators."
  C."Kuroda will make agenda for collaborator membership and paper authors."

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