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 . [[http://gwdoc.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/cgi-bin/private/DocDB/ShowDocument?docid=1064|DGS[O]]] (Miyakawa)  . [[http://gwdoc.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/cgi-bin/DocDB/ShowDocument?docid=1064|DGS[O]]] (Miyakawa)

KAGRA collaboration meeting

Meeting schedule

Next meeting: Domestic collaboration meeting on ??. ??, 2012

43th(International): May. 29, 2012(Mon) 9:00~(JST)

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  1. Project Report (Kajita) ViewGraph[O]

  2. New Collaboration Members (Kuroda) ViewGraph

  3. Budget report in FY2011 (Ohashi) ViewGraph[O]

  4. SE Office report (Kawamura) ViewGraph[O]

  5. Report by Australian member (Linqing Wen)
  6. Report of Sub-working groups
  7. Presentation policy by CPC ViewGraph

  8. Others


Talk by Dr.Linqing Wen.

  • Title: The scientific benefit of a larger GW detector network
  • Speaker: Linqing Wen (on behalf of the ACIGA collaboration)
  • Abstract: We are at the dawn of making the first detection of gravitational waves (GWs). The advanced LIGO and VIRGO detectors are funded and are under construction with a promise of tens of detections a year. A larger GW network is forming with the KAGRA detector in Japan partially funded and LIGO-India on the near horizon. In this talk, I will show that the GW detector network is approaching the desirable capacity that allows prompt and yet precise follow-up observations of gravitational wave events by conventional electromagnetic telescopes. I will then argue for a larger network that includes AIGO - a GW detector at the southern hemisphere. At the end of my presentation, I'll address briefly the status and future plan for AIGO.

42th(Domestic): Apr. 16, 2012(Mon) 13:00~(JST)

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  1. Introduction of New Commers
  2. Present Status of aLIGO (K.Kawabe)viewgraph

  3. Project Report (T.Kajita) viewgraph

  4. Budget Status (M.Ohashi) viewgraph

  5. KAGRA Science Goal and Data Sharing (N.Kanda) KandaHayama

  6. Schedule and Roadmap (M.Ando) viewgraph

  7. Change of Chart (I.Nakatani) viewgraph

  8. Subgroup progress report by every chief
  9. Preparation for External Review (S. Kawamura) viewgraph

  10. Others (International Conferences in this year)


41th(Domestic): Dec. 12, 2011(Mon) 13:00~(JST)

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  1. Report of Project (10minutes, Takaaki Kajita)
  2. SE Office Report (20minutes, chaired by Seiji Kawamura)
    1. Overview (Seiji Kawamura)
    2. Roadmap (Masaki Ando)
    3. ICD (Kentaro Somiya)
    4. Property Control (Shinji Miyoki)
  3. Report of each WG (5 minutes each, 70 minutes)
  4. Break (15:00-15:30)
  5. Safety control (20 minutes, Ichiro Nakatani)
  6. Discussion on Data Sharing with overseas projects ( 30 minutes)
  7. About Chief meeting (20 minutes, Ichiro Nakatani)
  8. Discussion on Policy of co-Authors (20 minutes, Kazuaki Kuroda)
  9. Others


40th(international): Nov. 8, 2011(Tue) 15:00~(JST)

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Project status report

Takaaki Kajita, presented by Kazuaki Kuroda


Report of SE office

Seiji Kawamura


Status of budget expenditure

Masatake Ohashi


Report of each sub-working group

chaired by Ichiro Nakatani


Re-scheduling of construction

Masaki Ando, planned speaker not confirmed


Determination of main mirror size

Seiji Kawamura


Special Topics and discussion

chaired by Seiji Kawamura

1) New configuration for cryogenic mirror suspension

with NSF application status, Warren Johnson

2) a status update on searches for long bursts

Maurice van Putten


39th(domestic): October 17, 2011(Mon) 14:00~(JST)

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  1. Project reports( from management group, support group, chief meeting,SE-office, GWO) (Kajita, Miyakawa, Nakatani, Kawamura, Kuroda)
  2. Each Chief
  3. LIGO status(H.Yamamoto)
  4. Sapphire Bonding(K.Yamamoto)
  5. Others


38th(domestic): June 13, 2011(Mon) 14:00~(JST)

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  1. Project reports( from management group, support group, chief meeting,SE-office, Gravitational wave office) (Kajita, Miyakawa, Nakatani, Kawamura, Kuroda)
  2. New sub-working group of Auxiliary Optics (Nakatani)
  3. Status report of each sub-working group (each Chief)
  4. Status report of excavation (Ohashi)
  5. About execution of budget of FY2011 (Ohashi)
  6. Report of roadmap special working group(Ando)
  7. Report of Low frequency Band working group (Somiya)
  8. Quarterly requests to LIGO and status of academic exchange withoverseas projects (GEO) (Kuroda)
  9. Preparation of Meeting of Program Advisory Board (Kuroda)
  10. About f2f meeting in August (Miyakawa)
  11. Others


37th(international): May 10, 2011(Tue) 15:00~(JST)

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  1. Project status report
  2. Report of sub working groups
  3. Budgetary report
  4. Overview report of the Review B
  5. Report of Road map and Bandwidth WGs
  6. Current design of LCGT (optical interferometer)
  7. Collaborations (Agreed MOU, IRSES application, Korean collaborators)
  8. Establishment of System Engineering Office
  9. Speakers of LCGT status talk in International conferences
  10. Disclosing LCGT sensitivity curve on web page
  11. Planned meeting of Program Advisory Board (member, date, agenda)
  12. Others


  1. Project status report (Kajita)

  2. Sub working group reports
  3. Budgetary outlays (Ohashi)

  4. Summary of External Review and Current Status of Actions to Report (Kawamura)

  5. Working group reports
  6. LCGT configuration (Somiya)

  7. Collaboration with other projects (Kuroda)


  9. Speakers of LCGT status talk at international conferences (Kuroda)

  10. LCGT sensitivity curve on web (Miyakawa)

  11. Program Advisory Board Meeting (Kuroda)

36th(domestic): March 7, 2011(Mon) 14:00~(JST)

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  1. Project reports(management, support, chief): Takaaki Kajita, Osamu Miyakawa, Ichiro Nakatani
  2. Report of Review B: Seiji Kawamura
  3. Collaboration status with overseas projects (LIGO, Virgo, Shanghai Normal University, Sannio University, GEO): Kazuaki Kuroda
  4. Double citizenship problem: Kazuaki Kuroda
  5. Purchasing plan in FY 2011: Masatake Ohashi
  6. Milestone and roadmap: Masaki Ando
  7. Data sharing problem: Nobuyuki Kanda
  8. Schedule of meetings: Kazuaki Kuroda
  9. Others


Past collaboration meeting

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