LCGT SVN Quick Start


svn is a system for version control of code.

You should not commit measurement data.

It may destroy the repository.

Installation of an svn client

For Windows, TortoiseSVN is the easiest to use svn client.

For Linux, virtually any distribution has a pre-compiled package of subversion. For macOS, you can install subversion with MacPorts or Homebrew. Just install it and use the command-line tool (i.e. svn).

A GUI client of subversion for macOS and Linux as well as Windows is also available at SmartSVN.

Invalid Argument problem of TortoiseSVN

Sometimes, TortoiseSVN does not work with an error message "Invalid Argument" or equivalent Japanese message. It is most likely caused by the svn command bundled with TortoiseSVN not recognizing the SSL certificate of the server (granite). For some unknown reasons, the server certificate of granite, which is signed by the National Institute of Informatics, is not recognized by svn on Windows but works fine on Linux. Anyway, the fix is easy. Just do the following.

 svn ls

Read-only Access

The root of the LCGT svn repository is

Issue the following command to check-out the trunk/mif/IFOmodel directory.

svn co

The read-only access to the LCGT svn is allowed to anyone in the world.

Write permission

In order to commit changes you made to your local copy, you have to have a valid user account for the LCGT-svn. Please contact Shoichi Oshino ( to create an account.

Once you have a user account, you can commit changes like this:

controls@k1ctr:/opt/rtcds/userapps/trunk$ svn ci --username myusername

where myusername is your user name.

Please commit from trunk directory(/opt/rtcds/userapps/trunk), not from release directory(/opt/rtcds/userapps/release).

Repository Browsing

Accessing the svn URL directory by a web browser is not a recommended way to look around the svn repository. Instead, there is a trac system set up for the LCGT svn.

Click on [Repository] in the menu bar at the top. Then you can browse the repository with a much better user interface. Moreover, you can check the revision history of each file, see the differences between versions, etc.

Trac ticket system

Trac is a project management tool nicely integrated with svn. We can use it to browse the svn repository as was seen above. You can also use it to a bug/issue tracking system.

Whenever you found a bug or problem in a program code, you can issue a ticket to start discussion about the problem. People can add comments to the ticket, so it works as a BBS for the issue. Once the problem is fixed, you can close the ticket.

Trac account

A valid user account is required to create a trac ticket. When you create an svn account, an associated trac account is created with the same username/password.

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