trac and tickets

trac is a project management system used in conjunction with svn. The LCGT trac can be accessed from

There are two main use of trac for LCGT, repository browsing and the ticket system.

Repository Browser

You can browse the repository contents from the following URL.

You can also see the history of the files in this browser.

Ticket system

When you have an issue to be discussed among your collaborators, such as a problem in the code or you want to make a big change to the code, you should use the ticket system of trac. To use the ticket system, you need an account on the LCGT trac. Anyone who has an account for the LCGT svn should also have an account for the LCGT trac.

To create a new ticket, click "Issues" ("チケット" in Japanese) in the menu bar and click "New issues" ("新しいチケット" in Japanese) in the top right corner of the panel . Select "Tracker", enter "Subject" and "Description". It is very important to check names, in the "Watchers" field, of people, whom you want to involve in the discussion. Once a ticket is created, it works like a discussion board.

When you use the LCGT svn, it is strongly encouraged to use this ticket system for communication with other people.

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