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ISC (Interferometer Sensing and Control) working group is a working group dedicated to the development of a sensing and control scheme for the LCGT. This page is intended to be a place to put various information on the working group and to document the activity of the group. This page is expected to evolve to a foundation for the official documentation of the LCGT's sensing and control system. However, since this page itself is not an official document, members are encouraged to put intermediate results to serve as basis for further discussion.


The basic approach of this working group will be to build a detailed model of the interferometer and use this model to investigate and test proposed sensing-control schemes. The core IFO model will simulate the interferometric part of the system (i.e. behavior of the electric fields). We will add various external elements, such as suspension model, feedback effect, thermal noise etc, into the core model to make the model more realistic. Our objective is to build a model which can produce a realistic noise budget for the LCGT and identify potential problems using the model before the construction of LCGT.

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