What do we need ?

Probably it is a good idea to buy all scopes from one company. Then we can use the same active probes for all scopes. Isolated input scopes cannot used with active probes. Therefore, this scope can be from a different company. Actually only Tektronix sells isolated input scopes.


Note: Tektronix prices are discounted prices, whereas Agilent prices are catalog prices. Agilent will always give us 15% academic discount.

Cheap ones

Agilent DSOX2004A

Tektronix TDS 1000C-EDU

Tektronix TDS 2014C

Middle Range Scopes

Agilent DSOX3054A

Tektronix DPS3054

High performance scopes

Agilent MSO9254A

Tektronix MSO5204

Isolate Input Scopes

Tektronix TPS2024B

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