Vacuum system control

Vacuum Unit

Vacuum unit (VU) is a set of vacuum pumps and gauges. KAGRA has a vacuum unit every 100m. So the total number of VUs is 60.

Each VU has ion-pumps, an ion-gauge,a convectron, a turbo molecular pump (TMP) and a fore-line pump. The TMP and the fore-line pump will be operated manually and be stopped after initial pump down. So these are not under remote monitoring.

Varian Ion Pump Controller (probably obsolete, see the Agilent one below)

Manual p9 and p18

We only use J2 (D-Sub 25pin) connector. No RS422 communication.

In J2, we are mainly interested in Pin 1,2 (HV ON/OFF), 3,16 (CURRENT), and 5,18 (FAULT). Other pins are optional.

Agilent Ion Pump Controller

Manual p64 - p71

(This unit may be used instead of the Varian controller shown above)

We will use the J1-REMOTE I/O connector. We will not use the serial communication.

Used pins: Ch1 On/Off (Pin 6, Pin 22), Fault Relay (Pin 12 or 13, Pin 31), Ch1 Set Point Relay (Pin 17 or 19, Pin 18), Analog 1 (Pin 1, Pin 3).

Gamma Digitel MPC (Ion Pump Controller)

Manual p17

We will only use J104 Connector.

We will use all the setpoint relays and the analog outputs in J104.


Manual p12, p32

We will only use the analog output connector and the set point relays. No RS-232.

ULVAL GI-M2 Ion Gauge

Manual 1 (p16, p46-50), Manual 2 (p1-6)

I/O table

We will use:

Optional signals:

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