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If you want to know how to organize a Zoom meeting in KAGRA, please go directly to here.

KAGRA Zoom reservation calendar

Basics concepts

Zoom is a remote conference system becoming popular recently.


A host is the organizer and owner of a meeting. To become a host, you need a Zoom Pro account. ICRR maintains several Zoom Pro accounts for use in KAGRA.


A participant is someone joining a Zoom meeting. Participants do not have to have Zoom accounts.

Meeting URL

Each Zoom meeting is identified by an unique URL. Participants can connect to a meeting by opening this URL with a web browser.

Personal Meeting Room

Each Zoom account has one personal meeting room. It has a fixed URL. Like a meeting room in a real building, you can walk into the meeting room whenever you want. However, you should not do so if someone else is using the meeting room (just like a real meeting room).Therefore, you are requested to make a reservation of one of the personal meeting rooms before using them. The meeting reservation page is here.

KAGRA Zoom Meeting Reservation Page

The personal meeting rooms of KAGRA Zoom accounts are protected by the well known password of KAGRA.

Scheduled meeting

You can also set up a meeting at a specified time. This meeting can have a different URL and password (no password is also permitted).This is suitable for a meeting involving guests with whom you do not want to share the URL/password of the personal meeting room (For example: a seminar, a review meeting with external reviewers, and so on).

In order to make a scheduled meeting, you need to ask one of the Zoom administrators to do so.

Organizing a Zoom meeting using personal meeting rooms

This is a recommended way to organize a meeting among KAGRA collaborators. The meeting URL is fixed. The password is the well known one for KAGRA. This method is not recommended to organize a meeting involving people outside of KAGRA. See the next section for the instruction on organizing such meetings.


  1. Make a reservation of one of the meeting rooms from here

  2. Announce the meeting URL to the participants (meeting URLs are shown in the calendar page above).
  3. Connect to the meeting URL when your reserved meeting time comes

Organizing a meeting with different password from the default

Sometimes, we need to organize a meeting with different password from the KAGRA's well known one. For example, SEO and EO meetings use different passwords. If you want to invite people outside of the KAGRA collaboration, you cannot share the well known password. So you need to use a different password. In those cases, follow the procedure below.

  1. Contact one of the Zoom managers to schedule a meeting. Specify the start time, duration and the password for the meeting in the request.
  2. Once a meeting is scheduled on the Zoom account, enter the same schedule in the Zoom reservation calendar.

Instruction for meeting participants

When you open a Zoom meeting URL, the Zoom client will automatically open and connects to the meeting. If this is your first time to use Zoom on your computer, you will be prompted to download a client software. Once you install the downloaded client software, you will be connected to the meeting. Along the way, you may be asked to login. Login to a Zoom account is completely optional. You can skip the login and still connect to meetings.

The KAGRA Zoom account

Currently, there are three Zoom accounts maintained by ICRR for KAGRA.

Zoom administrators

Currently, following people have access to the Zoom account and can make reservations:

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