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 * [[LCGT/Meeting/f2f/2013Feb|Program]]  * [[LCGT/Meeting/f2f/2013F|Program]]

KAGRA Face to Face Meeting

7th Face to face meeting: Feb 14-Feb16, 2013 @ ICRR.UT 6F Large-Seminar Room


If you will attend this KAGRA f2f meeting, please visit below page and register AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

We plan to have a banquet in the evening on February 15th. If you attend the banquet please put 'yes' in the box for attending the banquet on the registration page and pay the fee JPY3500 for staff (JPY2500 for student) by cash at the front desk of conference.

The fee for coffee break is JPY500 for others.

If you plan to stay at the lodge in Kashiwa-campus of ICRR, U-Tokyo, please put the dates you hope to stay in the box for accommodation request on the registration page. Note that we have limited number of rooms, so please register ASAP if you are thinking to stay at campus.

6th Face to face meeting: July 30 - August 1, 2012

5th Face to face meeting: February 2-4, 2012

4th Face to face meeting: August 3-5, 2011

3rd Face to face meeting: February 4-5, 2011

2nd Face to face meeting: September 27-28, 2010

  • @ ICRR The Univ. of Tokyo Kashiwa campus 6F conference room
  • Program

1st Face to face meeting: June 15-16, 2010

  • @ ICRR The Univ. of Tokyo Kashiwa campus 6F conference room
  • Program

  • Minutes

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