LCGT f2f meeting

This is the first face-to-face meeting after the approval of the LCGT construction budget..

I would like to urge all collaboration members to come to this commencement meeting and to recognize each other whom we cooperatively work together with to achieve the LCGT objective. We are far behind the progress of the world projects of gravitational wave detection and we are not so well funded nor sufficiently staffed at present, considering the extensive & urgent works to catch up overseas projects in shorter time. Against this difficulty, only way that we can take is to work coherently together by letting each direction align to the LCGT objective.

At this ,meeting, we will summarize the present status of LCGT and will present the construction design with its schedule. We try to find the most appropriate way to fulfill the objective by discussing together. This meeting presents you a chance where you can confirm your position and recognize what you can do for LCGT among many sub-working groups for the construction of adventurous cryogenic interferometer. I think that it is the most important to share the strong will to conquer difficulties that stand in front of us. Japanese government has supplied us with extensive money from the difficult finance and economy. We are obliged to thank for the brave decision of the Japanese government but we are willing to work for this obligation to make this fundamental science project successful. I hope each collaboration member participates this meeting for the success of LCGT.

Kazuaki Kuroda

Date: September 27-28, 2010

Location and access: ICRR U-tokyo, Kashiwa campus, 6F large conference room

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September 27(Mon.)


Plenary session (chair:O.Miyakawa)

Overview of iLCGT and bLCGT

K.Kuroda [30min]

Project status (password protected)

T.Kajita [5+5min]




Status report from subgroups (chair:M.Ando)

Data analysis

N.Kanda [20+10min]

Lunch time 12:00~13:00

Tunnel (password protected)

T.Uchiyama [15+5min]


Y.Saito [10+5min]

Facility support

S.Miyoki [15+5min]

Break 14:00~14:15

Interferometer design

Y.Aso [15+15min]

Laser+Mirror (password protected)

N.Mio [15+10min]

coffee break 15:15~15:30

Vibration isolation/suspension

R.Takahashi [15+15min]


T.Suzuki [15+5min]

Break 16:30~16:45


S.Moriwaki [15+5min]

Digital system

O.Miyakawa [15+5min]

Baseline interferometer



Banquet at Plaza IKOI in Kashiwa-campus

September 28(Tue.)


Discussions for important items (chair:I.Nakatani)

LCGT organization (password protected)

K.Kuroda [30min]

MOU with LIGO and VIRGO (password protected)

K.Kuroda [30min]

Collaboration between LCGT and LIGO

H.Yamamoto [15min]

coffee break 10:15~10:30

Collaboration with LIGO and VIRGO for mirrors

K.Kuroda [20min]

Membership (password protected), author list

K.Kuroda [30min]

Statements of the interest to join LCGT

Wei-Tou Ni [10min]

Topic interests in LCGT data analysis

Wei-Tou Ni [10min]



Lunch time 12:00~13:00


Input/output optics (Status report)

S.Telada [15+5min]


Special working group + scheduling, others session (chair:K.Kuroda)

Optical configuration

K.Somiya [30min]

Report from RSE roadmap special subgroup

M.Ando [10min]

LCGT roadmap

M.Ando [20min]

Schedule, Task list (password protected)

O.Miyakawa [20min]

Innovative study group

K.Somiya [10min]


Closing session

Closing talk


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