LCGT face to face meeting

Date: February 4(Fri)-5(Sat), 2011

Location and access: ICRR U-tokyo, Kashiwa campus, 6F large conference room


If you will attend this LCGT f2f meeting, please visit below page by January 27.

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We plan to have a banquet in the evening on February 4(Fri). If you attend the banquet please put 'yes' in the box for attending the banquet on the registration page and pay the fee JPY3500 by cash at the front desk of conference.

If you plan to stay at the lodge in Kashiwa-campus of ICRR, U-Tokyo, please put the dates you hope to stay in the box for accommodation request on the registration page. Note that we have limited number of rooms, so please register ASAP if you are thinking to stay at campus.

F2F meeting

We spent much time in the last year in order to meet the tight schedule set by the Government research fund with estimated longer construction time of LCGT after being informed of the partial financing of LCGT. Finally, we have determined the right direction for the fulfillment of the project. The initial phase LCGT (iLCGT) will be operated without cryogenic mirror system for this requirement in prior to the baseline LCGT (bLCGT) which will be in operation by 2016 realizing the baseline specification of LCGT. Although the original design of LCGT was completed ten years ago, LCGT is still competitive among other advanced detectors such as advanced LIGO and advanced Virgo. This means that the techniques of LCGT are quite challenging and not easy to be realized.

We are ready to make this non-easy project successful under the condition of short manpower and possibly short money utilizing wide support by the international community of gravity wave research. We have exchanged MOU with LIGO and in a process of agreement with Virgo. Also we are trying to find new collaboration members to augment LCGT manpower. Under the MOU with LIGO, two researchers have already visited ICRR last fall to support the design of LCGT.

I hope that this f2f meeting presents a good opportunity to mutually exchange a firm resolution to the success of great challenge of LCGT.

Kazuaki Kuroda

Partipants list


February 4(Fri.)


Plenary session (chair: I.Nakatani)

Project Status

K.Kuroda [30min]

Science by LCGT

H.Tagoshi [30min]

Lunch time 12:00~13:00


Report from subgroups 1 (chair: M.Ando)

Tunnel & Facility

T.Uchiyama [15+5min]


Y.Saito [15+5min]


T.Suzuki [15+5min]

Vibration Isolation: overview

R.Takahashi [10min]

Vibration Isolation: Design of IP and GASF

R.DeSalvo [10min]

Break 14:30~14:50

Detector Configuration

K.Somiya [15+5min]

Main Interferometer

Y.Aso [15+5min]

Input Output Optics

S.Telda [15+5min]

Laser & Mirror

N.Mio [15+10min]

Break 16:35~16:50

Digital system

O.Miyakawa [15+5min]

Analog Electronics

S.Moriwaki [15+5min]

Baseline Interferometer

A.Araya [15+5min]


Moving to LaLaport (Public Bus from Kokuritsu-gan(cancer) center to Kashiwanoha-campus-station: 18:03, 18:04, 18:28, 18:39, 18:53) , map


Banquet at GRAND BUFFET in LaLaport 3F

February 5(Sat.)


Joining the LCGT collaboration (chair: K.Kuroda)

Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai United Center for Astrophysics

X.Zhai [20min]

Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai United Center for Astrophysics

P.Xi [20min]

University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy

R.DeSalvo [20min]

Teikyo University, Aerospace Engineering

T.Ohmori [20min]

Break 10:20~10:40


Discussions for important items (chair: S.Kawamura)

Collaboration with overseas project

K.Kuroda [20min]

Schedule of the LCGT meetings

K.Kuroda [10min]

Name and definition of subsystems

I.Nakatani [10min]

Review status

S.Kawamura [30min]

Research facility building at Kamioka

M.Ohashi [10min]

Lunch time 12:00~13:00


Report from subgroups 2 (chair: M.Ando)

Data Analysis

N.Kanda [15+5min]


Report from Special working groups, and others (chair: N.Kanda)

LCGT Roadmap

M.Ando [30min]

Break 14:10~14:30

Two layers tunnel

Uchiyama [15min]

Two layers SAS: overview

R.Takahashi [10min]

Two layers SAS: Damping of Torsion mode

T.Sekiguchi [5min]

Tunnel tilt

Kawamura [20min]

Requirements for LCGT

K.Somiya [30min]


Closing session

Closing talk

I.Nakatani [10min]

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