KAGRA Face to Face Meeting

9th Face to face meeting: Feb 13 - Feb 15, 2014 @ ICRR, The University of Tokyo

Scope of the meeting

The face-to-face meeting of KAGRA Collaboration will be held at Kashiwa campus of the University of Tokyo. The venue of the meeting is 6th floor in Kashiwa Research Complex (neighbouring building of ICRR). The objective of this meeting is to let all collaboration members know the current status of KAGRA and is to exchange information among subsystems for condcuting the project. Besides of these, we need to sort out all schedules of subsystems and to establish global installation plan with combining all manpower for the practical installation start in this summer. In pararell with this discussion, we will consider the membership of KAGRA for practical work of installation & commissioning, where manpower of collaboration members needs to be integrated as much as possible, and we will also discuss about co-authorship for possible publications in future.

In this meeting, we have a sub-meeting of the board of international representatives in the evening of the first day, 13th, February and social banquet on the second day, 14th, February.

I hope that we can fix the installation plan with letting all members’ mind be coherently aligned in the succesful operation of KAGRA in 2015.

Kazuaki Kuroda


If you will attend this KAGRA f2f meeting, please visit below page and register AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In this meeting, we have a social banquet. If you will attend this banquet, please put 'yes' in the box on the registration page. The banquet will be held in the evening on 14th February (Friday) at a restaurant near the campus. The banquet fee is JPY3500 for staff (JPY2500 for student). The fee for coffee break, JPY500, will be added to this fee. Please pay by cash at the front desk of secretary BEFORE THE BANQUET.

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Hotel and Access

A modest amount of rooms has been pre-booked in the Kashiwa campus lodge. If you want to stay in this campus lodge, ask directly our secretary (satori@icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp), which is booked on the basis of first come, first served. If you want to stay a hotel outside of Kashiwa campus, refer the instruction .

The access to Kashiwa campus is referred in .

8th Face to face meeting: Aug 1 - Aug 3, 2013 @ University of Toyama

The conference site is UNIVERSITY OF TOYAMA, which is near KAGRA site (1 hour by car).

In this meeting, we have three social events; KAGRA and CLIO site tour, Lecture about Gravitational Wave Physics for beginners, and Banquet. Details are as follow.

On afternoon of the 31st of July (Wed), the site tour (KAGRA tunnels and CLIO site) will be held.

On the morning of the 31st of July (Wed), the Lecture about Gravitational Wave Physics for BEGINNERS will be held in the University of Toyama.

We plan to have a banquet in the evening on 2nd of the August (Fri). Please pay the fee JPY3500 for staff (JPY2500 for student) by cash at the front desk of conference BEFORE THE BANQUET. The fee for coffee break is JPY500 for others.

We are very sorry, but, in this time, please reserve your hotel by yourself. The information about hotel near University of Toyama and access to Toyama are here.

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