O3GK log

Some report on O3GK data processing in detail.



How to use on Kamioka server

How to use on Kashiwa server

Trigger generation for DailySummary

Trigger generation on Kashiwa server

It is not yet automated, only manual script is available. Command example:

>./ /home/detchar/git/kagra-detchar/tools/Omicron/Parameter/O3_C20.txt /home/detchar/Segments/K1-DET_FOR_GRB200415A/2020/K1-DET_FOR_GRB200415A_UTC_2020-04-15.txt > log.dat 2>&1 

Example of submission file to condor is Omicron/Script/condor.sdf For automation, cache file in parameter file (DATA FFL) has to be modified.

Now directory structure modification command is commented out. (mvtoK1.sdf for condor)

Failure check

  1. Running omicron job as above
  2. (checkOmicron.sdf for condor): please check the file name of L32 locked, L89 f. The output goes in Omicron/Script/checkLog/. succeeded* is OK, failed is due to too high trigger rate, unknown is failure by other reason.

  3. (retry.sdf for condor): It will reprocess according to checkLog/failed* segment files. Now it runs for all the failed* files.
  4. Go back to 2. and check the result.

Note for developers


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