O3GK reprocess log

This is a log of problems and solutions during O3GK reprocess. You can get some plots used in the following struggling here

Processed data period: K1-DET_FOR_GRB200415A is used. The first 2sec. and the last 32 sec. in each segment is removed.

6/2: O3GK configuration file is the following.






manual_segment.sh is used.

manual_segment.sh ${config_file} ${segment_file}

Some channels had error message like Omicron::ExtractTriggers: the maximum trigger rate (5000.00000 Hz) is exceeded 

Case 1: At the lock loss

Case 2: Appearance or disappearance of line noise

Case 3: Unused channels

Case 4: Strange behavior

Some channels had error message like

Sample::SetFrequencies: upsampling is not supported

Omicron::LoadData: incompatible native/working frequency

-> Solution: The channel is moved to the appropriate configuration file. (Configuration file is divided by sampling frequency)

Some channels had error message like

Omicron::Condition: input vector is flat

-> Solution: This channel is not working. Skipped.

Some channels had error message like

Spectrum::AddData: the input data vector is too small to compute a PSD with this resolution

Omicron::Condition: warning: this chunk is not used for PSD(1) estimation

-> Because the output file is available as usual, this message is ignored.

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