Design Change Procedure for KAGRA VIS

If you want to modify the design of some part of the KAGRA vibration isolation system, please follow the procedure below.

  1. Discuss with the team leader of the corresponding suspension type on the change.
  2. (Optional): Fill the Engineering Change Request (ECR) form (using the ECO form) to explain the change.
  3. The team leader judges whether this change needs to be discussed in the entire VIS team or can be approved within each team.
    1. If the discussion by the entire VIS team is necessary, the team leader proposes it to the kagra-seis mailing list.
    2. The final approval to this change will be given by the VIS chief.
  4. Once the change is approved, create an Engineering Change Order (ECO) document. The template can be found here.

  5. The ECO should be uploaded to the JGWDoc. ECO number is the same as the JGWDoc number.
  6. The ECO should also be put under the ECO folder of the KAGRA Dropbox, for example, Dropbox/largefiles/subsystems/vis/design/BS/ECO/.
  7. Finally, put a summary of the change in the wiki page. Please add a new line at the top of the table so that the latest change is always at the top.

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