KAGRA VIS Operations Manual - Troubleshooting

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Clearing Excitation Testpoints

If excitation from diaggui won't stop, the fix is to clear all the test points for the real time model. You need to know the number of the user process running on the front end, which can be read from the GDS_TP screen, accessible from a button on the OVERVIEW screen and other places:
K1VISSR2GDSTP Screen.png
(Process number is 97 for SR2.)

伝達関数等を測定中にdiagguiが落ちて、excitationが止まらなくなった場合に以下を実行。(Open a terminal window and run the diag -l command.)

diag -l

でdiagnostic toolを起動。止めたいプロセスのID番号を確認し (You should get a diag> prompt. Then...)

diag> tpclear 97 * # for SR2


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