D=== Note 2014/5/15 by K. Arai ===


iKAGRA IMC and MMT will employ "recycled" suspension from TAMA. The type of the suspensions to be used are defined in this link Link to suspension list. Arai does not know which specific TAMA suspensions we will take from TAMA. It is TBD. At least, there is one PO type suspensions in the air (at TAMA warehouse).

Scope of the work on June 5th and 6th

Check what kind of fixtures we still have Remind ourselves how to suspend mirrors DIscuss how to convert the PO-type suspension to the one with normal angle incidence. Discuss how we can improve TAMA suspensions to make it slightly more modern Preparations


TAMA suspension drawings by Nikon Suspension drawing for an original test mass suspension (TM type) Suspension drawing for an improved test mass suspension (RM type) Suspension drawing for a beamsplitter suspension (BS type) Suspension drawing for a pick-off suspension (PO type) Wire preparation fixture ("Dock2") TAMA IMC suspensions actuator TFs ZPK models of the measured angular transfer functions (MC IN/OUT = PO type / MC END = RM Type) How to suspend mirrors with DOCK2 written by K. Yamamoto / commented by T. Uchiyama

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