PR2 wire breaker meeting

Participants: Tatsumi, Flaminio, Kimura, Barton, Suzuki, Tomaru, Aso, Takahashi, Ohishi, Hirose, Fabian, K Yamamoto, Ohashi

  1. What happened (Tatsumi)
  2. Information from LIGO (Mark, Hirose)
  3. What shall we do ?
    • Project member: Mark, Hirose and Tatsumi (sample preparation)
    • Target date for removal: Jan 22 (Jan 15 is better if possible)
    • Location
      • Need to consider the acetone usage in choosing a work location: we can use a normal lab. if the evaporation rate of acetone from the removal system is less than 75ml/h.
      • Evaporation rate depends on the configuration of the acetone soaking system
      • If a room with proper ventilation is necessary, the optics lab in the ATC is available.
    • Next Tasks
      • Mark and Hirose will discuss and come up with a more concrete plan for the removal test
      • Tatsumi will prepare test pieces

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