Agenda/Minutes of the VIS Meeting on 2016/10/14

2016/10/14 14:00 -

Participants: Fabian, Mark, Takahashi, Okutomi, Sato, Aso, Hirata, Tanaka, Fujii, Akutsu

Progress report

Schedule Chart (PDF,MPP)

Type-A (Takahashi)

Type B (Mark)

Type-Bp (Shoda)

IMMT (Ohishi)

Watchdog system (Tanaka)



Site work plan for the next week

Travel Plans

Next meeting

On 2016/10/21(Fri) we will not have a meeting due to the preparation for the open day. However, people are asked to put progress reports. VIS F2F: Oct. 28, Nov. 18, Dec. 2

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