Agenda/Minutes of the VIS Meeting on 2017/10/20

2017/10/20 13:30 - 14:10

Participants: Fabian, Arai, Ohishi, Aso, Shoda, Takahashi, Simon, Ishizaki, Tanaka

Progress report

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Type-A (Takahashi)

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Type B (Mark)

Past week report

[Enzo, Hirata, Kozu, Fabian]

1. We fixed broken cables in the IP LVDTs.

2. We lowered the lower breadboard (LBB) by 17.5 mm and removed the T500 Koach filters. A new measurement of its position is pending.

3. We removed from the top filter table the three bars of the triangular crane adapter.

4. We were not able to use remotely the vertical fishing rod of the Top Filter. The mechanical design has to be reviewed.

5. In the top filter keystone we put a safety cap which keeps the suspension rod nail head from accidentally unhooking.

6. We got rid of a fifth flange in the BS chamber by re-routing one in-vacuum cable.

7. We added in-air cable extensions in order to have all GAS fishing rods (FR) connected to one stepper motor driver and the three IP horizontal FRs to a separate one. This makes using the current Miyo-kun’s python script easy. The new cable assignment has been reported in the Klog.

8. The horizontal coil-magnet actuators don’t seem to be working before applying 25,000 counts. We’re in the process of investigating this.

9. Enzo worked in the implementation of the control filters for the IM and IP

10. We investigated the coupling from IP horizontal FR YAW actuation into longitudinal degrees of freedom.

SR work: Hirata-san worked with Mirapro in the installation of the SR LBBs. He also began doing inventory of SR components.

Plan for coming weeks

Type-Bp (Shoda)

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OMMT & OSTM (Ohishi)

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Watchdog system (Tanaka)

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Next meeting

On 2017/10/27(Fri)

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