Agenda/Minutes of the VIS Meeting on 2018/8/3

2018/8/3 13:30 - 14:30

Zoom Meeting

Participants: Sato, Hatoya, Aso, Okutomi, Shoda, Ishizaki, Lucia, Hirata, Terrence, Panwei, Fujii, Mark, Fabian, Enzo

Progress report

Schedule Chart

Type-A : (PDF/MPP)

Type-B: (PDF/MPP)

Type-A (Takahashi)

Past week report


1.Assembling Pre-isolator

We prepared for pre-isolator installation.

We replaced the top filter blades.

We attached the following equipment to the PI.

2.Installing Pre-isolator

Result of hanging F1 or less

TF is able to lift F1 or less.

3.Calibration of the LVDTs for BF damper.

Plan for coming weeks

Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 7/30

Plan for week of 8/6




To-Do Lists, Schedule

Vacation Info

Type-Bp (Shoda)

Past week report

Plan for coming weeks

OMMT & OSTM (Ohishi)

Past week report

Plan for coming weeks

VIS electronics (Tanaka)

Past week report

Plan for coming weeks

Other site works



Travel Plans

Next meeting

On 2018/8/10(Fri)

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