Agenda/Minutes of the VIS Meeting on 2018/9/7

2018/9/7 13:30 -

Zoom Meeting

Participants: Takahashi, Lucia, Eleonora, Ohishi, Enzo, Tanaka, Kozu, Fujii, Barton, Hirata, Panwei, Okutomi, Sato, Arai

Progress report

Schedule Chart

Type-A : (PDF/MPP)

Type-B: (PDF/MPP)

Type-A (Takahashi)

Past week report





We could not adjust the height of BF(/F3) by the stepping motors. (F2 had been also at the edge of the linear range though we could adjust the position by the STM. All the cabling for the STMs has no problem btw. When we measured the transfer functions from F1-GAS, 4 peaks were observed and thus the all the GAS filters should be freely suspended properly since we have F1/F2/F3/BF now.)


Plan for coming weeks



Type B (Mark)

Report for week of 9/3

Plan for week of 9/10



Plan for week of 9/17



Plan for week of 9/24


To-Do Lists, Schedule

Vacation Info

Type-Bp (Shoda)

Past week report

Plan for coming weeks

OMMT & OSTM (Ohishi)

Past week report

Plan for coming weeks

VIS electronics (Tanaka)

Past week report

Plan for coming weeks

Other site works



Covered the items in the clean booth. Turned off the drivers.

Travel Plans

Next meeting

On 2018/9/14(Fri)

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