Agenda/Minutes on 2021/2/12

Zoom Meeting

CRY+VIS Interface Meeting


Participants: Takahashi, Sato, Aso, Hirata, Ikeda, Ushiba, Miyo, Tomaru, Hagiwara

Post O3 Upgrade portal

VIS Meeting


Participants: Takahashi, Fabian, Hirata, Ikeda, Miyo, Sato, Aso, Sugiyama, Ishizaki, Tanaka, Washimi

Progress report



Ikeda-san worked on following items;

  1. He measured the length of the network cable (15956), and now is preparing to order all cables we need with DGS group.
  2. He got message from manufacturer that it is difficult to operate the picomotor for long time more 24 hours. (15958). So he is now considering to request AEL group to make the circuit box that turns power on and off with BIO signal like the stepper motor circuit.
  3. He made the new MEDM screen for stepper motor on MN stage which is developed by Nishimoto-kun. We can open the screen from [sitemap]/[STEPPINGMOTOR]/[CRY_OVERVIEW] (15965).

Klog entries



Setup of the F2 stage in EY: installation of suspension wire, cabling, calibration of LVDT, check of FR range, tuning

Klog entries



Connection of the cryo-payload in IX, mounted the geophones onto the IP in IX, and compressed the F0 blades in IX.

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Akutsu-san found the optical lever light hits on the edge of the MCE mirror during his investigation about IMC ghost beams. We need to re-schedule to work on IMC suspension for this problem and also other issues reported in 15916. Please discuss it later.

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(1) Miyo fixed the swapped cabling on the BF-damper for PRM with Nakagaki-san, and after that, the noise coupling of the transfer function at higher frequency is decreased to the same behavior of other PR suspensions (15994). By the way, the same noise coupling was reported in Type-A suspension 12678. Is it caused by the same error?

(2) Ikeda-san touched the picomotor of PRM for his first operation (15957) before measure the calibration factor between picomotor and OSEM.

Klog entries



Ikeda-san tested the picomotor operation and he did rough calibration for PR3-IM picomotor (15977). During the test for BF picomotor, it was stucked (15976). So we need open the top chamber to fix that.

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SR3 ballast mass adjustment highlights

On top of Intermediate Mass

On top of Bottom Filter (klog yet to be written)

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No update

Towards O4



Travel Plans

The week from 2/15

The week from 2/22

Next meeting

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