I tried to log in but I'm not sure if I am in, so in case, this is Fumiko :)

Here I put some kat files I used for calculating LCGT signal matrix. LCGT.kat has all the parameters that are used. Note that it was written more than a year ago, and they are not updated. I will list these parameters when I can here, outside the kat file but for now I just attach some files. Also note that they are the same as what Andreas Freise has, because I made these when he needed to collect some LCGT parameters and some kat files and so on. Maybe Koji remembers about him contacting us about a year ago, do you??

Here I have three kat files with three m. files and what do they do?

lcgt.kat / contourplot.m

dp.kat / demphase.m

s.kat / signalmatrix.m

ok, now I try to attach files hope it works like this...hm.

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